Living Large

     This great room is not just great, it's big! Two stories big. While the furniture and accessories were very pretty, they lacked the strength necessary for such a large room. The first problem was the cream paint. It didn't "fill" the room. So a warmer, gold-toned paint was applied to make the room feel cozier.
     Next, the leather couch was too puny. It got lost in the room's largess, so a larger, deeper couch in gold damask was purchased as well as two silk covered club chairs placed in front of the fireplace.
     Because of the room was so big, watching television in it caused echoing throughout the home. It could even be heard upstairs. As a result, we covered the opening and replaced it with a commissioned painting in vivid autumnal hues.
     The rug in the room was white and since the homeowners had small children, it wasn't practical. We replaced it with a larger, colorful wool rug that tied together the golds, reds and greens used in the furniture and accessories.
     Last, but not least, the walls walls were super tall so they were in need of some texture. A large tin square and two tall iron panels were placed above the couch help fill the room.
Take a look at the AFTER pictures. Enjoy!

Vibrant colors and larger furniture make the cavernous room cozier.

Accessories in black metals and terracotta pottery help warm up the spaces provide by the built-in shelves.

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