All Grown Up

     When I found out I was having a baby girl, I was astounded by how much fun it was. All the cute bedding. All the princess stuff. Every shade of pink. And the clothes! O.M.G. they are cute, cute, cute!

     So of course, I set out to not only decorate and prepare my nursery, but I was already musing over her big girl room. I had the bedding and curtains and even the lampshade custom made using a multitude of patterns. The result was this gorgeous pink and green room with touches of yellow and black.

     When we moved, my then 7 going on 8 year-old little girl told me that she was the only one of her friends with a "babyish" room.  Of all the horrors! (LOL!) So we set out to choose new paint and bedding. After much "negotiating", we agreed upon a Lilly Pulitzer'ish look with her artwork showing throughout the room. She's happy. I'm happy!

AFTER: Vibrant colors and playful artwork provide a comfy setting for an 8 year-old budding artist.

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