A Great Transformation

Shot-gun style great room: BEFORE
I was recently given the task of remaking a shot-gun style great room. Shot-gun style simply means that a room is much longer than it is wide. While this may seem simple (it's just a rectangle, after all!), it really isn't. The builder did not put television connections above the fireplace, but on the left hand wall, leaving a furniture dilemma for the homeowner that lasted for years!

The answer to the problem came to me when I noticed a really nice couch sitting in the master bedroom's sitting area. It was too big for that area, but just right for one end of the great room! So I divided the great room in two and moved the tv closer to the fireplace. I put the more casual furniture on that end of the room for relaxing in front of the tv or fire. I put the more formal couch on the end of the room closest to the entry for a more formal feel.

Enjoy!   Julie
Shot-gun great room: AFTER

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