A Pretty Bedroom

BEFORE - The bed and ceiling were lacking color and lighting.
BEFORE - The sitting area was overstuffed with furniture.
This master bedroom was in need of some pizazz for its owner. It had great furniture and paint on the walls, but the bedding and ceiling lacked color and lighting. The sitting area was a bit cramped with an over-sized couch and end tables. In sum, the room just needed a little bit of prettying up for the lady of the house!

My first order of business was to add some color and light to the ceiling. I used the lighter shade of the wall paint for the tray and found this magnificent chandelier as the centerpiece.

Next, I removed the oversized couch and end tables and replaced them with French Country armchairs and a smaller table I took from another part of the home. I replaced the framed artwork with some unframed canvas art that was also in another part of the house. For warmth, I added a round antique Persian rug.

Lastly, I added a few colorful pillows and a bench for the bed that was found at TJ Maxx and Tuesday Morning respectively.

I hope the lady of the house sleeps well in her now-pretty bedroom!
Enjoy!   Julie

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